TdS meaning: Timore del Signore

TdS1 meaning : Timore del Signore ,variante 1

TdS1 (March 2003) is an innovative PNN thruster capable of delivering at now thrust with very high accuracy and controllability. It is a propellantless (no reaction mass or energy) system closed in a box.

The TdS1 technology is developed at Associazione Sviluppo Propulsione Spaziale (ASPS).

The application range of TdS1 covers the .1 microNewton 45.2 microNewton thrust range per watt.

Its specific impulse is very high and greather than phothon rocket and solar sails of a factor in the range of 1000 - 14000.

TdS1 is at now, for low and very long thrust missions.

The thruster main features are:


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