PNN anti missile know how:

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Two threat suppression solutions for the missile:

1) Destruction

Anti-missile defensive system with PNN propulsion of the DelC type

The satellites carried by the Newtonian propulsion are wrecked and comical mackerels rolling in Earth orbit once the fuel for the Newtonian fart propulsion runs out.

The PNN, having an electrical power supply (through solar panels), can CONTINUOUSLY have THRUST and therefore perpetuate orbital mobility between approximately 1,000 and 50,000 km above the Earth's surface and therefore CONTINUOUSLY change orbit and speed.

A PNN defense system of the DelC type (acronym for Delenda Carthago) with N PNN orbital vehicles of the DelC type is difficult to counter in a cap around the Earth with an external diameter of 100,000 km and an internal diameter of approximately 15,000 km.
The DelC can set its sights on any comical atomic-armed Newtonian plunger just a few minutes after launch and eliminate it before its apogee.

2) Board the rocket, attach it and take it, by its own accord, to bomb Mars or Saturn or Uranus, or any choice far from the Earth is acceptable because the Earth's atmosphere should not be infected with dust of radioactive elements

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General information about New PNN physics for anti missile PNN:

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