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PNN e Commerce

Updated in February 2022 : With the new PNN engines of the Sub321 Class, ion propulsion disappears in front of the PNN since for the PNN now the thrusts exceed 10 grams

The reactionless PNN prototype F432N with little cart.
With the little cart the prototype is like an example of a very little spaceship. In the cart are : UHF amplifier, prealmplifier , remote controls , lithium batteries, expanded passive heat sinks. PNN will be able to became a spaceship when can have nuclear reactors as electric power generators.

PNN e Commerce

Un video di un prototipo PNN leggero a 50 watt in UHF


Let's save the Earth by expanding humanity's habitat:

Missiles and its fans have been comically saying year after year that they want to place permanent human outposts on the Moon and on Mars for more than 50 years.

Their statements are innumerable and repeated with beautiful drawings, videos and media noise.

Null result like the failure of Mars One and worse no second thoughts that are wrong or better there is the operational impossibility of colonizing both the Moon and Mars for a propulsion system similar to a trumpet, noisy and frighteningly polluting that unfortunately loses over 99% of its mass between round trip on Earth (Apollo 11).

We must radically change the propulsive paradigm and the Non-Newtonian Propulsion (PNN) offers us this incredible possibility.

F432 disclosed


The reactionless PNN prototype F432 on ballistic pendulum

The Road Show of F432 in Oct.31 2020 is in Facebook.

Central clip of the ROAD SHOW on the PNN. In detail Thrust of the PNN F432 prototype on ballistic pendulum.
During the tests it seems that the PNN violates not only the principle of action and reaction of a Newton who was not even aware of the e.m. waves but also F = ma and the Pisan law of inertia. Since in different tests we have seen the same thing for some time but we still cannot believe it well due to lack of means regarding the violation of the I and II law of dynamics.

Above and below photos of a large room where PNN prototypes can be assembled for sale. Everything will happen after the patenting of F432 is complete

Here 5 minutes of a long video of SUB321

"Numerical demonstration procedure of violation of the second law of dynamics through PNN".
The thrust increases AS USUAL over time for the same amount of energy supplied .......

Questo il grafico della spinta ottenuto sperimentalmente dai dati numerici della bilancia Kern in cui si dimostra l’aggiramento/superamento della II legge della dinamica attraverso la PNN.
Infatti come i principi della dinamica newtoniana sono interconnessi tra di loro così la violazione del principio di azione e reazione con la PNN comporta che anche la legge della forza e il principio di inerzia di Newton cambino con la PNN.

Since this violation of F = ma occurs interstellar flight with PNN is possible! NON LO STERILE E INADEGUATO MARTE E’ L’OBBIETTIVO DELLA PNN MA I PIANETI SIMIL TERRESTRI LONTANI ANNI LUCE … ..

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