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After having explained the procedure for violating the principle of action and reaction and passed from 22 hours before take-off to 6 hours and 22 minutes….

And we are not yet at PNN SUBITAM!

Se la PNN Subitam (fasi 1 e 2 già accennate) ovvero si realizzerà un deciso cambiamento di tutte le leggi del moto newtoniane , il luogo ideale di sbarco per porre il primo avamposto umano su Marte non sarà un arido cratere (dove vuole sbarcare Perseverance) , ma questo :

dove c’è già una bella muraglia di ghiaccio dove scavare una o più gallerie.

E l'astronave PNN sarà contenuta in un cubo d'acqua a fini protettivi, nel viaggio dalla Terra a Marte e vicecersa dato che la PNN può trasportare una qualunque quantità di materiali con un numero adeguato di reattori nucleari.
Si colonizza Marte solo portando le migliaia di tonnellate che i razzi non possono portare perché fisicamente NON adatti.
Soddisfacenti quantità di materiali servono per costruire avamposti dove vivere , iniziare attività minerarie, costruire serre dove far crescere piante per alimentarsi e principalmente iniziare a realizzare industrie su Marte!
La dissipazione termica dei kilopower sarà ottima per tenere l'acqua di protezione e quella potabile a temperatura giusta e graduata a seconda delle necessità.
A che serve l'acqua a fini protettivi?
In primis a non essere rosolati e irraggiati dalla radiazione cosmica nel viaggio verso Marte e durante l’esplorazione dello stesso

Dettagli seguiranno ..........

NOTE: Whoever gives us a real contact with a lender (or more lenders) able to lead us to reach the sum of 4,800,000 euros will have 100,000 euros and 0.1% of the

2020 Patent

already filed for

  PNN Protype F432

F. S. Historical Collaborator of the ASPS who indicates the lightening curve of the prototype F432 while it is switched on for about 8 seconds on an electronic scale.
It lightens by about 1400 milligrams in 8 seconds while the power delivered is constant, while on the y-axis of the video it is grams instead of milligrams.
Considering its mass it should take off after about 6 hours and 22 minutes if the batteries are not. exhausted first and if all the heat produced by the prototype and amplifier could be actively dissipated.
PNN SUBITAM wants to shorten this period a lot with a faster push.

The SUBITAM is the Eleventh (11) type of PNN propulsion!

As will be described, SUBITAM will be able to take off from the ground so we will have to

raise funds for its construction

which I estimate to be around 4,800,000 euros at the beginning [phase 1)]

Informations at

In this battery-powered prototype (on which F432 was mounted) there is the first model which serves to highlight some problems that must be addressed for phase 1)


Now the main excuse for blocking PNN is that it violates the conservation of momentum (qdm).
And therefore unfortunately an observable (the momentum) deriving from the Newtonian past is opposed to an observable experimental datum of non-Newtonian physics ??.

This is my answer to a university professor:

Physicist Valter Moretti (University of Trento) of the III applied to the electrodynamic field so says

In Newtonian mechanics the third principle is thus stated. "With reference to an inertial system, assigned two bodies A and B, if A exerts a force F on B then B, at the same instant, exerts a force -F on A" F and -F are
vectors In stronger strong form, the third principle also states that if A and B are point bodies the forces F and -F lie along the joining the two bodies. Now in electrodynamics if the two bodies are charged, precisely due to the delay effect that you mention due to the mediation of the electromagnetic field, the third principle as I have stated above does not apply. The EM field cannot be considered a body for various reasons (not even in continuum theory essentially because it does not define a velocity field ...) so the third principle cannot even be formulated for the charge system + EM field " ... ....... While for electrodynamics the third principle is not valid or can be formulated according to taste, the conservation of the total impulse, if you also include the EM field in the system, continues to be valid ....... "

Non-conservation of momentum is unfortunately used to block PNN

Fortuna wanted it to be found experimentally in 2018 a violation of the momentum that ONLY APPARENTLY NOT RELATED TO PNN

Here are the surprising details ………………….

PNN is not alone in violating impulse conservation



And this must happen on a logical level since it is not possible that the principle of action and reaction and the other 2 Newton's principles remain identical

But unfortunately we must have better and ad hoc instrumentation to re-verify everything with greater precision and longer experimental durations.

I repeat F = ma it seems to grow with the same power output ....
with F432 on battery and on scale (NOW FAULT) I was forced to turn off after about 80 seconds .. both for the pumped-out lithium battery and because it did NOT dissipate actively heat from the amplifier department. Eng. Mario Massa put a thermostat near the ITB amplifier for me to avoid breaking everything).

Detail again: I made a first account (WITH THE FEW DATA ON THE THRUST THAT I COULD SEE) in which the battery block F432 that did not exceed 4 kg in weight would take off after about 17 hours!
Subsequently it is all was retried with FS and the duration of take-off times has further shortened

CURRENTLY MORE THAN WORDS COLLABORATIONS WE NEED MATERIALS, SUITABLE PERSONNEL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS to pay, larger labs, ad hoc equipment to be built since unfortunately what PNN needs is nowhere to be found

You want to go to Mars?

without wasting time with the farce based on colonies with cartoons of Moon and Mars and spaceships in the shape of ridiculous suppositories?
Dateci un minimo delle risorse che si sperperano con questi ridicoli mezzi propulsivi

Spaceships that lose mass and are a concert of empty bins abandoned out of desperation on any long journey ……………. (see ESA, NASA & Musk etc… .etc …)

In realtà il padre fondatore dell’astronautica a supposte non è Von Braun ma è questo:

La prima supposta a massa di reazione totalmente interna è questa:

Purtroppo I fans dell’astronautica a trombetta non capiranno mai che una cosa è rompere il ca*** agli inglesi con le supposte un altra, totalmente diversa , è porre una base permanente con le trombette sulla Luna e su Marte.

Dal 1969 (Apollo 11) ovvero da più di 50 anni la guerra della colonizzazione di Luna e Marte è persa allo stesso modo con cui il padre fondatore/finanziatore della missilistica a peti rombanti perse un altra guerra.

Give us the chance to work! Ma anche se non l’avremo andremo avanti lo stesso :-)