After the filing of the F432 patent there will be different types of prototypes (PNN= reactionless drives i.e. propellantless propulsion) PNN FOR SALE

Some PNN (Non Newtonian Propulsion) prototypes coinciding with F432

Others with the prototype attached to its power supply i.e. Prototype with "cart" i.e a PNN Prototype with UHF amplifier, remote controls, and batteries , heat sinks on a scale


1)      From the thread on NG entitled

The third principle of dynamics sometimes does not apply?!topic/

On 27/04/16 20:00,  Giorgio Pastore wrote:


Interesting. It increases the personal statistics of people who should know it but they don't (about the possibility of violating the III principle of dynamics).

And many graduated in physics seem to ignore it (or to have forgotten it if they knew it in the past).

Your post confirms that this is a widespread gap. I also add that the electromagnetic case is not the only one.

It doesn't apply to apparent forces.

It doesn't apply to the case of forces that are not attributable to sums of couple interactions.

Giorgio Pastore (Professor at University of Trieste)



PhD Valter Moretti says that practically the III principle makes no sense in electrodynamics probably for the facts that Newton didn’t know  electrodynamics  




2)     A webpage by Professor Elio Fabri, former professor at University of Pisa with whom I've had countless controversies form many years (over 15 years) about the violability of Newton third principle. At least in Italy recently he has become the best academic propagandist of the violability in electrodynamics of the principle of action and reaction


With this paper basically he practically dismantles years and years of controversies with the undersigned




3) The experimental demonstration of PNN in enclosed box directly visible at ASPS laboratory.


4)    Videoclips of tests along all history of PNN since the first public events that begin 2001 .

 From Asps Url and from Asps  issue Nova Astronautica (since 1981)


5) Latest tests and theoretical considerations are reachable from the primary url in Italian   and for what concerns the last 2 years from the links IN ENGLISH  of ASPS Collaborator Sergio Zanotti









Many info in this fundraising where was not possible to sell shares of  Patent and PNN Prototypes

Note: is the First PNN Patent GRANTED

Video of a PNN  prototype at low power (50 Watt) :



For the first PNN system based on the violation of the principle of action and reaction whose patent filing was made on April 22nd 1998 with application number 000250 was granted on March 16th 2000 with the specification: THIS PATENT IS GRANTED FOR INDUSTRIAL INVENTION:
"Electromagnetic propulsion system"
with the number 01299427 Signed: the Director of Division XIX Giovanna Morelli and delivered on April 26, 2000 by the Director of UPICA Cesare A. Gasperini General Officer.
Here is the document certifying the concession.

Here a general discussion of its working principle:

The F432 prototype proposed for fundraising is innovative compared to that of 1998 is more powerful and is not yet patented to avoid copying as illustrated in

Like that of 1998 it violates the principle of action and reaction by not expelling any mass to generate movement. And we can best demonstrate the event to anyone
PNN now needs :
First more current (lowering its impedance) in its circuits.
Second : nuclear reactors like kilopower i.e. not batteries .

All we need is very far from roketry.

Nothing like Musk's ridiculous booming bins that often explode :-)

To demonstrate means to patent and make everyone aware of its know-how of new PNN hidden for about 20 years.

Portions of F432 Patent for Sale

Demonstrating a new way for space travels also means changing the history of astronautics and scrapping missiles that have not been able to maintain a permanent human outpost even on the moon for 50 years.